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FindHotel dares take the path no other consumer travel company dared since the founding days of & Skyscanner: Build a global travel disrupter without huge financing.

Having grown our bookings for +100% in each of the past 2 years, we are now helping over 1M travellers a year book great accommodation deals, anywhere in the world.

As the hotel world turns a page on price parity and moves into a customer value centric era, FindHotel is leading the wave of change. With a team of just 55 FTEs, we are in the very beginning of our journey to disrupt the hotel bookings space. 

Built with passion in Amsterdam & Remotely (from PL, RU, ES, BR, PT)

Amsterdam is the home of the most successful travel company to ever exist, and we are proud to call it our home, benefiting from the unique multicultural draw of the city, the forward thinking political environment which enables migration of highly skilled workforce in every age, and the appeal one of the most liveable cities in the world has for singles and families alike. 

As we aim to take FindHotel to far greater scale, we are hiring on all fronts and are especially focused on adding accomplished product, marketing and people leaders. While we achieved a lot, we know we have much more to learn and grow. If you have the drive to build a world class travel company in Amsterdam, reach out and join us for the ride. It won't be smooth, but oh, the places we will go! 

Our team

The people behind our company

Oz Har Adir
Founder & CEO
German Herrero
Omer Sami
Head of Analytics
Omri Amir
Head of Strategy
Ido Iungelson
Head of Product
Anton Gochev
Head of Engineering
Tijn Borms
Customer Experience Lead
Kostia Ievdokimov
Head of Metasearch marketing
Jop de Klein
Frontend Architect
João Zanella
Head of Perf. Marketing
Mike Bos
Partnerships Manager
Danielle Nottea
Head of CS
Fernando Hamasaki de Amorim
Software Engineer
Caroline Tonnelier
Victor Godoy Poluceno
Principal Architect
Dorrit Bom
Lukasz Rymko
Software Engineer
Pedro Calgaro
Software Engineer
Vladimir Kolebidenko
Frontend Engineer
Vinicius de Lacerda
Frontend Engineer
Sasha Sivova
Perf. Marketeer
Guru Khalsa
Growth Analyst
Andrey Kumanyaev
Software Engineer
Antonio Lorusso
Software Engineer
Pavel Popov
Data Engineer
Paul Griffiths
Product Owner
Ignacio Soler Esteban
Marketing Analyst
Tristan Bains
Data Analyst
Bruno Guitarrari
Marketing Analyst
Sonam Mittal
Software Engineer
Gerrit Burger
Frontend Engineer
Fernando Raposo
Data Engineer
Gabriel Manara
Frontend Engineer
Annemieke Matthijssen
People development coach
Artem Puzanov
Backend Engineer
Felipe Vieira
Backend Engineer
Svetoslava Shotlekova
Customer Support
Dennis de Boer
Product Owner
Juan Manuel Muñoz
Product Owner
Alan Woosnam
Frontend Engineer
Horatiu Ion
Backend Engineer
Nicole Pecci
Financial Controller
Eugenia Ruffo
UX Designer
Maurice Dowdell
Customer Support
Gilberto Sepúlveda Bradford
UX Designer
Magdalena Busuioc
Product Owner
Soheyla Asadi
Lead UX Designer
Andreea Tătaru
HR Operations Manager
Iñigo Hernaez
Data Engineer
Sergio Rodrigues
Backend Engineer
Tom Cherchy
Product Owner
Hensen Blaauw
Product Owner
Augusto Pizzo
Product Owner
Luis Felipe Souza
Frontend Software Engineer
Dario Arteaga
Frontend Software Engineer
Sina Saeidi
Backend Engineer
Konstantinos Ferentinos
Data Scientist
Reeve Lorena
System Administrator
Rodrigo Torres
DevOps Engineer





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