Growth Marketing Analyst

Job description

Are you a marketing-savvy analyst or a data-driven marketer? Then FindHotel could have the perfect job for you! As a Growth Marketing Analyst you will be optimizing & scaling our marketing channels and discovering new ones while also helping shape company user acquisition & growth strategy by supporting other teams & leadership with marketing & analytical expertise. This would be the perfect challenge for you if you have experience across multiple marketing channels and the skills to leverage large data sets to make data-driven decisions.

What you'll tell your friends about your job

"I'm a data whisperer & smell growth opportunities from miles away"

What you will actually be doing

  • Prioritize, plan and optimize marketing channels & campaigns using performance data
  • Analyse data from across the company to find the most important growth opportunities & lead cross-functional projects to leverage them.
  • Work with our data analysts, scientists & engineers to implement automated systems that optimize our marketing channels.
  • Understand visitor behavior & marketing landscape to drive new marketing channels & growth initiatives 
  • Collaborate with the Product Squad to optimize website experience & build data driven features
  • Research external data sources and bring them into productive use
  • Forecast marketing & company performance & financials
  • Define key metrics, dashboards & data strategy for the organisation

What a day in the office might look like:

You start the day analyzing a new data point: such as cancellation rate for certain type of hotels.  You come to the conclusion that this is commercially important for both marketing & product experience so you set up meetings with the data science and product teams to decide if & what kind of data projects should start based on it. During the daily team stand-up you'll present interesting findings on marketing behavior, suggest improvements to our pricing, and raise problems or challenges you have flagged. Then you'll follow up on the performance of a new marketing channel we just launched, and make decisions on its success & how much more resources we should invest in it.  Before lunch you'll set aside time to research intriguing questions that you want to investigate - mobile behavior trends in eastern Asian countries, for example.  After lunch(and some competitive table tennis) you'll research into potential new marketing channels we might want to experiment with in the next quarter.

The team: You'll be working within our Growth squad, which is made up of 3 analysts & 6 marketers as well as being supported by scientists, engineers & product owners. 

Tools & technology: Our data is hosted on a Redshift SQL database and we use Looker as our BI platform. 

Why join now?

  • We are looking to grow traffic from 2M monthly visitors to +10M within the year. Doing that in a market as mature and competitive as online accommodation means that we need to be truly innovative. If you have a great idea nobody will stop you from giving it a try!
  • We have just built a tool that allows us to scale our Search Marketing campaigns to a completely new level. This means massive data sets and unique challenges in terms of data, engineering and automation.
  • We have completely re-built the internals of our product and set the foundations to transform FindHotel from a search product into a recommendation system. This transition will obviously be driven by data and will open up new and exciting marketing channels.
  • We are a profitable company that grew from 12 to 40 team members in the past year, with a strong user-acquisition engine and a lot of room to grow. It's an exciting journey in a company that's driven by data.
  • We have grown our growth squad to 3 analysts and 6 marketers and are looking to grow the team considerably in the near future. You will have the chance to grow with us.


People we love:

You are curious and have great intuition for data-driven decision making
You have a hacker mindset are passionate about digital marketing. You dream of discovering new channels.
You are able to take the lead on multi-disciplinary projects.
You have experience with some of the following: SEO, search, display, email, content, affiliate, mobile/app marketing
You are tech savvy & comfortable working with large, multi-dimensional data sets (Affinity with BI Software & SQL)
You have sound statistical knowledge.
You have at least a couple years of experience leveraging data to make marketing & product decisions

What we offer:

The opportunity to work in a diverse international team in a fast growing start-up environment
An agile environment where communication and initiative are valued and cherished
No nonsense! We’re proud of our flat hierarchy and short democratic decision paths
A fun work environment that includes a delicious lunch, fruits & snacks, beer tap, ping pong and foosball
Competitive compensation package including bonuses and Stock Appreciation Rights
Flexible time off vacation policy("unlimited holidays") and possibility to work remotely
Great new spacious and light-filled office located in central Amsterdam

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