FindHotel develops the first hotel booking marketplace, currently serving over 4M visitors a month, with customers from 158 countries finding great hotel deals with us every week. Our mission is to improve the metasearch model and evolve it into a true booking marketplace, building the best place for customers to find and book a hotel.

We are a talented and highly diverse group, comprising of 17 nationalities, based in Amsterdam city center (and remote). If you are looking for a fast-growing and far-aiming organization, a place where Monday mornings would be waited for, and a professional environment in which you can build amazing skills and expertise, this is the place for you!

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Current openings

Product Owner - Checkout
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Product Owner - Search
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Talent Acquisition Lead
Operations Tribe
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Marketing Analyst
Performance Marketing Squad
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Finance & Operations Lead
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Lead Marketing Analyst
Performance Marketing Squad
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Our team

The people behind our company

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Oz Har Adir
Founder & CEO
Thumb avatar 1448556864
German Herrero
Thumb avatar 1448556510
Omer Sami
Head of Data Analysis
Thumb avatar 1448556510
Lee Clissett
Head of Product
Thumb avatar 1448556510
Martin Michels
Head of Performance Marketing
Thumb avatar 1448556510
Luca Canducci
Lead Software Dev
Thumb avatar 1453796100
Jop de Klein
Lead Frontend Dev
Thumb avatar 1448556510
Kostia Ievdokimov
Data Analyst
Thumb avatar 1463518420
Arnaud Charpentier
Data Engineer
Thumb avatar 1463518415
Sasha Sivova
Thumb avatar 1482081096
Joao Zanella
Thumb avatar 1482080995
Fernando Hamasaki de Amorim
Software Engineer
Thumb avatar 1482081272
Lucas Ertola
Thumb avatar 1482081290
Mike Bos
Thumb avatar 1482080954
Edoardo Rossi
Software Engineer
Thumb avatar 1520957411
Caroline Tonnelier
Thumb avatar 1482081333
Sam Singer
Product Owner
Thumb avatar 1520957530
Enrique Herreros Jiménez
Data Scientist
Thumb avatar 1494505798
Antonio Lorusso
Software Developer
Thumb avatar 1494505878
Maxim Chechenev
Frontend Developer
Thumb avatar 1498157918
Andrey Kumanyaev
Software Engineer
Thumb avatar 1498157977
Danil Ryashentsev
Product Owner
Thumb avatar 1503040532
Victor Godoy Poluceno
Data Engineer
Thumb avatar 1504707244
Lukasz Rymko
Software Engineer
Thumb avatar 1504706191
Dominic Matheron
Product Owner
Thumb avatar 1520957563
Saad Masood
DevOps Engineers
Thumb avatar 1520957558
Pedro Calgaro
Software Engineer
Thumb avatar 1520957516
Caio Salles Manzotti
UX Designer
Thumb avatar 1520957577
Vladimir Kolebidenko
Frontend Dev
Thumb avatar 1520957497
Abhisek Swain
Thumb avatar 1520957511
Ashutosh Banerjee
Software Engineer
Thumb avatar 1520957581
Vinicius de Lacerda
Frontend Dev
Thumb avatar 1520957543
Guru Khalsa
Thumb avatar 1520957566
Sainath Adapa
Data Scientist
Thumb avatar 1520957555
Pavel Popov
Data Engineer
Thumb avatar 1520957569
Tomasz Zbrozek
BI Engineer




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